legacy tribute product and service books

check out our e-Books below - these can also be provided in print form and can be personalized for your funeral home. Simply call or email and we can custom design one that is right for your funeral home.....


complete casket catalog

Click here to access our online eBook, featuring the complete selection of caskets available from Legacy Tribute.






introduction to legacy tribute

Click here to view our introductory brochure, which gives you a quick overview of the products and services that are available from Legacy Tribute. 





casket presentation book

Available off the shelf or customized for your funeral home, this book is ready for immediate use and features typical Recommended Retail Prices.

We can provide you with an off the shelf book like this, which is ready to use immediately, or we can customize for you to include pricing, funeral home name, logo etc.

This book is available as an eBook, or we can provide you in print version as well.


irish celtic casket book

Legacy Tribute provides a selection of the finest Irish and Celtic themed caskets, enabling families to honor these traditions and to help provide a fitting farewell to a loved one.

More than forty million Americans claim Irish ancestry. Many of these families take a great pride in their connection with the ‘old country’, and value the customs and traditions associated with being Irish. 


customized service book

We can provide you with a customized service book to help you better communicate the services that you offer. 

We provide a full consulting and design service, working with you to produce a customized book specifically for your Funeral Home. 

This book is intended to be used in conjunction with your GPL.