john finlay

John has been involved in the funeral business all his life. Originally from Ireland, where the family firm has been manufacturing coffins and caskets since the 1930s,  John worked at the plant and helped out with funerals as a kid. He subsequently managed the family business for a number of years before moving to the United States in 2007.  John is the founder of Legacy Tribute which now operates in the UK and Australia, as well the United States. 

He works with funeral home customers in the United States and internationally, with a particular focus on product design and development, merchandising, business development and business performance improvement strategies. 

John lives in Scituate MA with his wife Sinead and their 3 children - Jack, Alannah and Eabha.

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jim muirhead

Prior to joining the Legacy Tribute team, Jim has had an extensive career in Funeral Service over the last forty years. At the age of 12 Jim took his first job in the funeral livery business.  At eighteen he shifted gears and began working as an apprentice and later as funeral director with the Conley family at their firm in Brockton MA, This experience helped prepare Jim for a successful career on the supply side of the business working with York Distributors serving New England client funeral homes. Jim was instrumental in designing, merchandising and installing most of the fractional displays for YMS rooms across New England.  

Jim and Donna live in Middleboro MA, and keep very busy with seven grown kids and three grandkids as well as a close knit group of friends whose kids have all grown up together. Life is busy in the Muirhead house!!

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Ryan  .jpg

ryan muirhead

Ryan has been around the funeral business his entire life.  As a little kid he tagged along with his Dad, Jim, delivering caskets to local funeral homes. In later years Ryan teamed up with his father and helped install fractional displays and showrooms.  During Ryan's college years he frequently assisted with local funerals. After college, Ryan owned a small lawn care company before joining the United States Navy where he served his country as a member of the Seabees.

Ryan currently lives in Canton MA with his  fiance Kacey and their two daughters, Avery and Elliott.Ryan is an avid golfer and enjoys fishing with his daughters when he has free time.

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David Mosher.jpg


For well over forty years David has held various sales and management positions with both independent and corporate casket manufacturers and distributors, beginning with Boston Burial, Gulf and Western, Aurora, Sessions, York, Milso, and Mathews. He brings a true understanding of where the industry has been, and a balanced view on the relationship between casket distributorships and independent funeral homes during this age of change.

Dave's wealth of knowledge enables a clear perspective for serving independent, family owned businesses.

Dave has three children, and resides in Natick MA with his wife Peg.